Surface Tension

by Wahkeena Sitka

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Surface Tension, Wahkeena Sitka, 2005


released September 11, 2005

"Weather Underground" Music Video:

Vocals, Lyrics and Percussion by Wahkeena Sitka
Percussion by Matthew Fortmeyer
Didjeridu and Throat Singing by Jeff Cooper, the Urban Shaman



all rights reserved


Wahkeena Sitka Oregon

Wahkeena Sitka:: Vocalist, Writer, Mystic, Artist & Designer from Oregon.

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Track Name: Therefore : Soul
WHEREAS : I am a firm believer in the oral transmission, and the intimate sharing of stories songs and knowledge despite the fact that I grew up in a culture surrounded by books, LPs and CDs, where you can listen to the same song a hunred times over.

WHEREAS : The technology of the times dictates the transmission.

WHEREAS : It is the responsibility of artists to contribute to the evolution of their society by reminding people of their soul and their own inherent creativity, potential and power.

WHEREAS : The Flaccid Lifelessness of soul-less non-awake humans is destroying life on this planet at an insane rate, the way orcs destroy trees.

WHEREAS : Soul-less non-awake people cannot be forced into soulful wakefulness, they must be seduced into it by beauty and come of it of their own free will because love is so beautiful.

WHEREAS : Duplicating CDs and selling thousands of CDs puts people on a celebrity pedestal and creates separation from other humans and hierarchy of beauty.

WHEREAS : I am a human and want to be respected as another human being with feelings and a mind!

WHEREAS : People put pressure on their favorite performer to perform the same songs over and over and over the same way again they sounded on their albums which they listened to 200 times.

WHEREAS : Songs are highly spontaneous and change every moment, are never the same way twice, and can express multiple levels of emotion.

WHEREAS : If it weren't for non-oral-tradition I would not be aware of pygmy water music, Nina Simone or Hakim Bey, and they have all influenced me and changed my life.

WHEREAS : It is crucial for me now to record an album that can reach souls further than my intimate body and eyes can reach in order to have a positive effect on souls in America and beyond.

WHEREAS : I am recording this album with the intention that one day such materialistic innovations will be obselete.

WHEREAS : The Master's Tools will Not Dismantle The Master's House.

THEREFORE : WE MUST build new houses with new tools, built by people who want to change the house because the new house is so much more beautiful and soul fulfilling.

THEREFORE : One day we won't need to record our music because everyone will be so awake and creative that we will all come together and sing joyeously in intimate gatherings and we will all be beautiful, and we will all worship in what we share together.
Track Name: The Oral Tradition Re-Courted
No Lyrics
Track Name: Without Reservation
500 years of indigenocide
Injustice has never been justified
women and children have bled and cried and died
and lived on barren earth besides
the masses sit hypnotized
quelled by passive disinterest
and the media are just corporate spies that hide behind
facades of free speech - telling us what to decide
I say : find your own way : your own truth
do not submit to those that will tell you lies to keep you pacified

Hey - Yeah - Hey - Yeah
Without Reservation
We need to speak for all people, Yeah

And everybody knows it's true
But nobody knows what to do
Give them back land they deserve
or keep them chattled where we've reserved them to live
Their home is their cemetary -
Where we would not want to be
In the rolling prairie South Dakota sea
Void of trees and blistering snow past knees
While we live comfortably -
Living in the lap of luxury
Eating everything that we can stuff
Into our bellies to keep us safe and tough
(or weak - it depends upon the way you see)
Gluttony - is a sin, someone once told me
It's a common enemy. It's a common enemy.


It's the same around this globe of Earth
Genocide for sake of nationalist turf
Palestinians living as fenced in rats
Corrupt leaders falling flat
Politicians are all the same
Playing proclamation games
Chinese, Saudi, Chilean and British
Bureaucracy makes me twitch
And behind the barrel of every gun
Is someone's daughter, someone's son
But never a politician
On violence this country was begun
So do we really deserve to point the gun
After September 11th 2001
Should we not consider repercussions?
Can we really feel justified
Because 3000 in one city died?
The country's shock will only last
As long as the networks keep us entranced


And everyone is angry. There are a million truths
And everybody knows what to do -
But nobody can agree, cuz nobody can see
anything, anything but themselves.
Track Name: Weather Underground
How do you live with conscience
In a society built upon violence?
When your tax money goes to a government
That sanctions genocide on every continent.
How many millions murdered in Vietnam?
How do you live with yourself, knowing what's going on?
(What's going on? What's going on?)

Weather Underground
Can you shake the system without making a sound?
Weather Underground
How hot is the handle, will it all come crashing down?

In a society of passive violence,
Everyone participates by withholding resistance
How do you live with yourself knowing
that your government is actively genociding
The planet to protect your economy
So that you can buy freely anything that you see.
(If you can afford it, can't be poor to support it.)

Weather Underground
Can you shake the system without making a sound?
Weather Underground
How hot is the handle, will it all come crashing down?

30 years later, you inspire me
Connecting to your consience, actively, actively.
Participating in a global movement
(Of Revolution to Topple the Establishment)
For good or bad, regrets aside -
At least you stood with your heart's stride.
(And empathized with the oppressed.)

Weather Underground
Giving voice to the Oppressed the whole world round.
Weather Underground
Bombing targets without killing what a beautiful sound.

As of now, seems like little has changed.
Forest defenders targeted by deranged
Corporate sponsored government officials
who don't see trees when they look at old growth
all they see is money.
So we'll destroy our fragile ecosystems.
Fuck the planet. Fuck our souls, we'll all get rich quick.
Track Name: My Heart Is Wilderness
I am loud voice
and soft touch
upon sidewalk puddle
surface tension
my open hand skims water surface
Reflection of trees in a mirror shadow
the rain addled puddle undulates
in slow waves
converging at the core of being spirit of love
the central emanation
of water droplet piercing puddle tension
effervescing from ephemeral heart flow
from the inside out
to make known the joy
the ecstatic embrace
the immersion of rain meets gravity meets puddle
the cycle continues / the cycle continues
sand becomes sandstone / sand becomes sandstone
i am a song coming to the place where words have no name
and tones exchange energy
the devotion to song
singing until my throat runs dry
i will not be colonized
my beauty will not be sold
no treaties will be bargained
do you know
and do you see what they do to the indigenous heart beauty
they eat it up and spit it back out
commodify it and make a living
no a killing
no they make genocide!
i will not allow my soul to be destroyed
for an image or a dream of vain profit
i will live to sing
sing to live
i'll give away my soul as what is not mine is not mine to keep
my heart is wilderness and belongs to god
you must not pave upon my dreams, my melodies, my harmonies...
Track Name: Eternal Soul Gazers
this dirt is my tongue
run your fingers hands claws through my taste buds
you are my sweet nectar
let me taste you
dip your toes in fine wine
and dance on the roof of my mouth

you are the flame
and i am the spark
there is no separation
between the ecstatic taste
and that which is tasted
let me taste you

these smoldering ash scars
run your fingers over your arms
and feel my goosebumps
you send chills up and down my moan

this grass (broken dry brown cracked)
is my hair
run through my hair
gallop and play
you are free
to do so - to share - to day

we are eternal soul gazers
and your beloved will come running to you
with the happiest smile in her eyes - saying:
"I have realized myself!
I am the mirror of my love."

we have known and loved each other FOREVER
we have simply forgotten
that is why we shar in this
ever re-newing re-kindling re-lationship
so we do not forget
that my love is you

this dialogue is older than memory
that is why you have forgotten
that is why i come to you every day
to remind you

we are each other's eternal soul gazers
i look into you
and see your love for me

this earth is but one face
your face is but another face
but in truth
we are stars
creating heavens..