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Wahkeena Sitka Oregon

Wahkeena Sitka:: Vocalist, Writer, Mystic, Artist & Designer from Oregon.

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Track Name: Into Wishin
Forget Me
and Then
Remember Me
As If
To Spark A Match
Lighting Memory
As If To Align Yourself
Within The Moment
Where I Danced
Creating Dreams Becoming
And Then
You Will Recognize
The Mother Nature
Of My Hip Strut
A Body Language
Needing No Translation
From Joint To Rib
And I will Join You There
Re-Aligning Our Spines
Back To Memory
Of Forgotten Authenticity
Drinking Tea Cups Filled
To Brim With Nectar
Of Remembered Self
Of Authentic Self
Of Divine Self
Track Name: You Speak My Language
Flames arise
within peak mind's sighs
as my eyes graced
your sunlit face
the first time
seated silhouette
upon morning hillside wet
with dew
and i knew you
recalling future memories
flashing thru my mind
your body inside my spine
climbing limb by limb
to reach heaven's sublime paradigm
an ecstatic language
older than words
my heart blooming bird song
cacaphonies upon infinitrees
You Speak My Language!

I remember you since before we met
ancient faces, love is the thread
weaving our lives together on this path we tread~
You speak my language!

I recognized the way you move
somewhere deep inside your groove
I crawled inside a warm cocoon
safe inside your gentle womb
Your first glance
Your first words
Your first breath
Invoked Hummingbirds song
within my glowing heart,
and I knew you ~
You speak My language!

I remember you since before we met
Ancient Faces, Love is the Thread
Weaving our Lives Together on this Path we Tread
You Speak My Language!
Track Name: Surrender Wings
I am a dream
Dancing in Emptiness
Blindfolded Awareness
Speaking through the window
of my wandering
back to my soul.

Am I listening
to the voices I hear
Speaking Simultaneously?

The Voice Within
The Voice Without
And the Voice of the whole
Shaking Me
Shaking Me

Flapping in Breeze
of Oblivion

I am a Woman
Dancing Dreams into Spirals
With No Memory At all.

I want to be that woman
Dancing spirals into dreams
Melting into No-Mind Oblivion
Remembering the Orgasmic Edge
Of a Black Hole Descent
Into Emptiness Expansion

Solar Surrender
Cross Over
2 1
Track Name: Might Be Light
Your Being
Is a Delicate Thing
As I Witness the Vulnerability
Of Your Strength

May I meet You
The You that is Naked
Without Coats, Sweaters,
and Layers of Masks

So I may glimpse
the Perfection Of
Your Sad Heart

In My Lap
Your Head Rests
Safe, Knowing No Danger

And I Glimpse
Your Imperfectly Calloused Hands
Clawing Their Way Back
To Restful Peace
From the Damage of Loneliness
The Barren Cliffsides of
Never Being Seen

But I feel
Being Understood
& Accepted for All that We Are
Is a Far Greater Jewel
Than Rubies, Emeralds & Sapphires

For It is Within the Crucible
of Compassionate Acceptance
of Our Whole Being
That our Essence Crystallizes
Becoming Diamonds
of Pure Self Knowing

Light As We Might Be
When Our Soul is Whole

We Might Be Light
We Might Be Light Beings
When Our Soul Is Whole
Track Name: Timeless Temple
Be Still Skull
Follow Nape of Your Neck
to Tip of Your Tongue
Where Mouth Roof Hovers
Under Nasal Inhalations
With Belly Soft
Expanding Slowly
Like Sunrise Flower Petals
A Baby's Fist Grasping
Fingertips First Time

Inhale with First Mind
Awareness of Green Breeze
Through Bamboo Trees
Perched Upon Precipice of
Bedroom Boulder Ripples
Where Flows Exquisite Unending
Cascade of Stoned Pools
Veils of White Water
Crash Upon Descent of Eons Song

Boulder Deities
Faces of Lichen Eyes
Water, The Hair Braided
Cascading Down Unending Neck
We Worship Ancient Faces
Brandished into Boulder Thighs
Whose Eyes of Lizards Leaping
Exhale Sighs of Sunlight Chase

We May Erase Time and Space
Replacing Blue Skies
With Wine Glass Sipped
By Lips of Dreamtime Clouds
Slowly Floating Across Canvas
Of Mind Blank
Flanked by Green Jungle Leaves
Descending in Spirals Upon Blue Breeze

Cool Currents of Afternoon's Ascent
Spent Flat on Plateau Stone
Where Time's Rent is Exhalation
The Destination, Being Bliss
Within Relaxation's Emptiness
The Practice of Our Dedication
To Worshipping the Ancient's Grace

The Shadow Breeze of Fallen Leaves
Me Grateful For this Timeless Temple
Track Name: Spoonbender
I am a Spoon
Solid of Sterling
Scooping Squash Soup
Into Delicate Lips

I am a Spoon
And you Bend Me
You Bend Me as you Mend My
Fragile Heart of Solitude

Your Beautiful Words
Bend my borders
Into the borderline
Of Desire and Reception

You Bend me
With the will of your Stillness
With intention of Penetration
Into every deep crevice

You who enter into me
Walking into Heart's Caverns
Carrying Torches illumination
Casting Light onto Stalagmites
of my Tenuous Tension Tethered
to Insecurity
of Being Worthy of
Love's Delicious Liberation...

You Spoonbender
Shivers of Euphoria Sender
In the Etheric Blender
We are Merging Hearts
and Bodies
Becoming Beloveds, Tender
Soft and Warm

You are Already Within Me
Dancing within my Belly
Torso of Spruce Tree
Vibrating Kundalini Electricity
of Heaven sent Liberty
Being Set Free~
Track Name: My Diamond Heart
On the Wings of Light
Gracefully Carrying
A Glowing Seed
An Indestructible
Orb of Weightless Love
A Bright Radiant Diamond
Gently Placed in My Bosom
Where a Broken Heart Once Lay

With a Diamond In My Heart
I feel the Absolute Love of Life
The Presence of Pure Gratitude
For this Blessed Opportunity to Be Alive
In this Moment, to Celebrate the Gift
Of this Divine Wonderment Vision
Emerging from a Growing Star
In the Knowing of Who I am

Grateful to Share with you
My Diamond Heart

An Angel came down and Planted
A Diamond in My Heart
And Now I am Certain
I will Always Love and Accept Myself
Now and Forever More

Grateful to Share with You
My Diamond Heart